Sunday, December 13, 2009

turning into 20..

assalamualaikum...hurm,tahun 2009 dh nk berakhir my life as a 20 years old teenager is just about to begin..sedar x sedar,dh brangka 2 pun umur aku..kejap je..mak abah,anakmu ini dh besar rupanya..spnjg prjalananku yg berusia 20 tahun ni,mcm2 dh aku lalui..maybe my road taken is sort of diffrnt from others, aku lebih mngenali dunia ini in just 5-6 months back..a clearer picture of life,i suppose..dlm jangkamasa tu,makes me matured..develop me untuk mnjadi seorng yg lbih brtanggungjawab,berdedikasi..dan jgk kot..hehe..dan dlm masa tu jgk,i got to discover my real friends n who is actually acting like hurts indeed,but yet,it was such a relief with the outcome..for my dear frens,i love u all from the very bottom of my life....and with this,malaysia.....i am here for u!!wait 4 my service in just another few years..hehe...... =)